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Body Safety Education using “The Brave Knight:” One teacher’s experience

Today a second-grade teacher in Monongalia County, West Virginia, messaged me about a body safety education presentation in her classroom. What a thrill to hear how my newly-published children’s book, The Brave Knight, “performed” in a class-room setting!

Here’s her “book-report.”

Each year in West Virginia schools, a body safety education lesson is presented in all grades. 

In past years, the same book has been used in my second grade class, and read by our trusty school counselor with a couple minutes of questions/discussion.

Today was different.

Today the counselor showed a brief video with body safety terminology, and then she read The Brave Knight. 

A few weeks ago, I purchased the book for the counselor, in hopes that she would use it instead of the outdated book the children have heard before.

Today ‘the talk’ was different.

The children were enthralled by the story. 

I sat still and listened while watching their faces. My eyes teared up a few times with a roller-coaster of emotion. 

  • Anger because this talk has to happen because of the evil in the world.
  • Sadness for those who have and will experience unhealthy relationships.
  • And thanksgiving for the brave people before who were able to use their “shield.”

My school counselor used your book, your shield, to share with ‘my kiddos,’ as well as one other second grade class.

The counselor plans to go back in the other classes she has already presented to and read The Brave Knight.

Thank you for sharing and being brave. You are amazing!

My hope is that this grows into a state used book.

This teacher’s hope is absolutely my desire.

I want to see The Brave Knight in every elementary school library and every middle school library in West Virginia. And also in every public library in the state.

After that, I’ll move on to the rest of the country.

Thank you so much, LW, for taking the time to tell me how my book, The Brave Knight, influenced your students.

Any time you want me to drop by for a Meet the Author visit, it would be my honor, privilege, and joy. I’ll even bring my shield.


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