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Recommended Reading: My Most Popular Life Lessons of the Past Year

In the event you need to catch up on my latest life lessons, here is a baker’s dozen of my most popular posts from the last year. These posts cover a range of useful topics. Whether you read some or all of them, you’re sure to find news you can use.

#13 Boundaries 101: (aka “You shall not pass!”)

If you read this post earlier this year, you know that Boundaries* is one of my favorite books of all time. In my opinion, everyone should read this book.

Are there people in your life who are driving you nuts? This blog post can help!

#12 (Breast) Cancer: An Insider’s Account

My friend Shari Kellems penned this gutsy guest post. She published it on her Facebook wall one morning and I found it so informative, I asked if I could run it on my blog. You’re welcome.

#11 A Travel Log of Iceland: Ice, Ice(land), Baby

A year ago I was getting ready to depart for Iceland. Oh, what I would do to be packing to visit someplace exotic and new! Alas, the Great Pause is upon us.

This post will inform you as to why Iceland would be great destination for you once the international travel ban on Americans is lifted.

#10 My #1 Trick for Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse: Teach Them to Talk Sexy (sort of) and Defy Adults

This post tells parents how to effectively protect their children from the skeevy sexual predators that exist in the world. If you’re a parent, read it now!

#9 5 (Hard) Questions You Need to Ask Your Elderly Parents Soon (if not now)

One of the hardest things you will go through is watching your folks become frail. More than likely the day will come when they need your help. This post will prepare you for that day.

#8 Myth Buster: You Must Love/Like Your (mean, maybe even narcissistic) Mother

If your mother is super difficult to get along with, you need to read this post. Then share it with your siblings.

#7 Money Matters 101 (aka 17+ Ways to Get Your Bucks in a Row)

This is a super practical post which includes counsel from financial wizards like Dave Ramsey and Ramit Sethi. With a few ideas thrown in that I’ve picked up through the years.

#6 (Physical) Intimacy 101: Let’s Talk about Sex, Baby

This post was scary to write because… well, sex. But clearly, readers liked it. Whew!

FYI, there is a sequel to this post. It’s yours for the asking if you subscribe to my monthly e-newsletter. To do that, email me here.

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#5 Fundamentalism (It’s not just for religion anymore.)

This post would be a great one to read right now. Since a presidential election is looming on the horizon. And since so many people are being really mean to one another.

Let’s make civil discourse great again!

#4 20 Life Lessons (From a life half lived)

This post came about after my grad school friend, Lori Livesay, wrote a guest post that went bananas. I’m talking 226 shares!

Lori’s essay got me thinking, what would be on my list of life lessons everyone needs to know?

#3 Protecting Your Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Quite possibly the most important project I’ve ever been a part of.)

When I wrote this post in the spring, I never dreamed we’d still be living in The Great Pause now that fall is starting to lift leaves from the trees. But here we are. 

For this project, I partnered with two local nonprofits: Shield Task Force and Libera of West Virginia. I’m happy and humbled to say the resulting videos have been shared all over the country.

#2 Curly Hair 102: (A 10-tip refresher course for curly hair care)

If you don’t have curly hair, you can skip reading this popular post–my second tutorial on how to care for curls. It includes all the things I learned after I wrote Curly Hair 101.

FYI: Curly Hair 103 is in the works. Because I’ve learned even more fascinating facts about the care and feeding of textured hair.

#1 How to Buy a New Car at a Great Price (without stepping inside a car dealership)

I went 33 years without buying a new car.

That’s pretty remarkable, don’t you think? I was absolutely convinced that it was STUPID to buy a new car. Until I learned that it actually isn’t. 

If you’re going to be buying a new vehicle any time soon—or maybe your child will be—you have to read this post!

Which one of these life lessons are your favorite? Drop your answer in the comments.
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