Child Safety Coaching Call (30 Minutes)

Would you like your own personal child safety consultation with me? Via Zoom?

Let’s do it!

Once you sign on the line, we’ll find a day and time that’s good for both of us to chat about keeping the kids you love safe.

Why me?

  • I’m a survivor of child sexual abuse, so I know what it’s like.
  • I’m a body safety educator in the public schools of West Virginia.
  • I regularly speak and write on the topic of child safety.
  • I keep up with the current concerns, and I’ m constantly learning new child safety strategies.
  • Not to mention, I’m a mom of three excellent children, all grown and flown.

I can talk to you, your child, you and your child, you and your spouse or partner. Whoever you want to include! To make sure we answer all your questions during our time together, I’ll have you email me the topics you want to cover ahead of time.

I’m excited to meet you!!


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Child Safety Coaching Call (30 Minutes)