The Brave Knight

Through a fairytale-like story, The Brave Knight teaches kids about bullying and “grooming,” the process by which a sexual predator gains the trust of a potential victim, and sometimes their family.
The Brave Knight uses bold illustrations and an exciting story about a girl, a dragon, and a brave knight with a shield to show young readers what behaviors and language someone might use to persuade them to do things that are not okay. This book teaches your child to use their voice and speak up when something in their world makes them uncomfortable, a skill that will serve them all their life.
In addition, the back of the book features invaluable resources including:
  • discussion questions
  • extension activities
  • directions for creating a personal safety plan
  • a list of phone numbers for kids to call or text if they feel at risk
Top Review of the book:
“In The Brave Knight, Tarantini articulates incredibly complex child abuse grooming techniques/dynamics (ie. desensitizing physical contact, isolation from familial supports, love for perpetrators, disparity of social power), and somehow does it in an age-appropriate, non-threatening way. A brilliant, compelling, and inspiring resource for kids and those who love them.”
—Robert Peters: Senior Attorney at Zero Abuse Project, founder of Shield Task Force, and former prosecuting attorney


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The Brave Knight
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