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Money Matters: Image of loose change and dollar bills.
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Money Matters 101 (aka 17+ Ways to Get Your Bucks in a Row)

Money matters. You know it. I know it. Now what are you going to do about it? You can do what I did and read a boatload of blog posts on money matters. Like this one I wrote a while back. Or you can just keep reading this post. Because I’m going to give you

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Making Allowances (aka: A Chore System for Kids)

Have you established a chore system for kids in your house? If not, you should consider it. Years ago I attended a Mother of Middle Schoolers meeting led by Marya, a fabulous gal slightly further down the parenting path than me. That morning I learned that I stood alone in the I-do-every-single-thing-for-my-kids camp.  “When did

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