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89 Christmas Gift Ideas for Gals (What she wants—what she really, really wants—for Christmas)

Q: What is a guy’s favorite holiday w(h)ine?

A: “Women are so hard to buy for!”

So last week I published a post on Christmas gift ideas for guys. Now I’m back to offer up Christmas gift ideas for gals. Tony, Junior-Man, Jim, you’re welcome! Oh, and please know that some of the links are affiliate links which means if you buy soon after clicking on one, I earn a quarter or so.

What gifts have you loved receiving in the past? What gifts would you love to receive in the future?

A few weeks ago, I posed the above questions to gal-pals on my Facebook page. Here is a compilation of their many answers.

  • Books
  • Tickets to a (Broadway) show
  • Puppy
  • Dark chocolate
  • Diamond stud earrings
  • PJ pants
  • WVU basketball tickets
  • A (treehouse) weekend getaway
  • Blank books/journals + pens, pencils, paints, etc..
  • Hugs and kind words (Yay! These are FREE!)
  • Gift certificate for a massage (This answer was VERY popular!)
  • WVU gear
  • Blenko glass: Click on the link to see the BEAUTIFUL “ruby” water carafes. What a great gift that would be!
  • Gift certificate for a book store
  • Cuddl Duds: This company sells high quality long johns for gals and guys.
  • Kids organizing our family mementos, photos, and media clippings
  • Gift certificate for a coffee shop
  • Handmade gifts
  • Nail polish assortment (Make sure the polishes are by her favorite brand.)
  • Gift certificate for a favorite restaurant
  • iTunes gift card
  • Jean jacket with fancy sunglasses in the pocket (Well done, husband!)
  • Gift certificate for a thorough housecleaning (Also very popular.)
  • Lovely bath items
  • Fun undies
  • Gift certificate for anything to do with horses
  • Fancy robe
  • Hiking boots + daypack (For the outdoorsy kind of gal!)
  • Gift certificate for babysitting or mother’s-helper services
  • Cross necklace
  • Smartwool socks (These were very popular.)
  • Gift certificate for favorite (clothing) store(s)
  • A chunky “statement” necklace (Click on link to see an example.)
  • Coffee Cup Holder (made by Dad—awww!)
  • Gold heart locket necklace
  • Coupons (from kids) for: brushing hair, foot massage, making dinner, cleaning kitchen, etc.
  • Toe ring/anklet 
  • Two outfits that fit perfectly (That’s pretty much a miracle, Ken!)
  • Pearl earrings
  • Black cashmere sweater
  • New Luggage (This gift would pair nicely with tickets to Ireland.)
  • Necklace and earrings (Doesn’t have to be expensive.)
  • Knit shawl or big scarf
  • Coupon for “1 day with my husband to just have fun” (Awwwww!)
  • Hobby accessories

I also read tons of articles titled: “Christmas Gift Ideas for Her” and found these cool items: 

Top 6 Essential Oils Gift Set  $29.95

Cat Socks $14.88 (Someone please get these. For me!)

Fruit-Infuser Water Bottle $11.99

Bath Bomb Gift Set $24.80

Jade Roller for the face $18.98  (These are all the rage with skin-care enthusiasts!)

City Tote Bag $20

Reclaimed Wood Bathtub Tray $49.50 @ Etsy (Note the wine glass slot. Win!)

Amaryllis OR Paperwhite “Forcing” Kit $7.99 each @ Kroger

Name Earrings $33-ish on Etsy

Good Housekeeping Cookbook with 1,200 triple-tested recipes $10.99

Shiatsu Back-Neck Massager $49.95

Cutest Phone Charger Ever $17.99

Favorite Gifts I’ve Gotten OR What I’d LOVE to get!

  • Magnolia Table Cookbook (This is my favorite cookbook in a LONG time!!)
  • Candles (I love the “Winter” fragrance at Bath and Bodyworks.)
  • Dr. Teal’s Bubble Bath and/or Epsom salts
  • Fancy lavender Epsom salts: These smell great AND they’re purple!!
  • Macadamia Nuts (roasted and salted OR chocolate covered please!)
  • “Chocolate Bag” filled with good-quality chocolate plus my favorite miniature candy bars
  • Gift certificates for massage, mani-pedi, or facial
  • Fancy olive oils and/or balsamic vinegars (Rustic by Design in Morgantown is a great source.)
  • Weekend getaway (for the family OR me and him)
  • Something beautiful (ie. pottery, a painting, or piece of Blenko glass)
  • Gift certificate for a class: ie. cooking, self-defense, calligraphy
  • A bottle of Saint Brendan’s Irish Cream Liqueur: This Irish cream is less expensive (and tastes better, in my opinion) than Bailey’s Irish Cream.
  • A 4”x6” picture frame plus 12 pictures I love of him, us, our family, our vacations, etc.
  • Super cute measuring spoons: I can never have too many!
  • Soma “Cool Nights” Sleepwear: These items are specially made to keep gals “of a certain age” cool at night:)
  • Bottle of a sipping liqueur: Grand Marnier, Limoncello, Benedictine & Brandy, Chambord, etc..
  • Certificate for a (fully-funded) girls’ night (or day) out: My husband Jill’s husband did this one year. He arranged for me and Jill to shop, have lunch, and manicures together. What a great idea!
  • Car detail
  • Orchid: I love ALL orchids but Lady Slipper orchids are especially fantastic!
  • Fancy coffee beans. Or, a monthly coffee bean subscription. Tony got me this one.
  • Leather gloves in unusual colors
  • Subscription to a magazine I love: Cooking, fashion, hobby

Bonus Ideas Our Sandwich-Child introduced me to this site. What a ton of fun gifts they offer! Passport covers, throw pillows, Christmas ornaments, etc.. Last time I checked, there was a 40% off code.  I received a Zingerman’s catalog in the fall and placed an order for the holidays. So far, everything is lovely and/or yummy! (For 10% off, enter secret code: SLEIGH1356868)

Meowingtons: I am in love with about every thing on this website because it features all things cat!! Wow! Do they have some fun gift ideas!!


Remember, if you still have guys to shop for, there are 86 ideas on the blog post I published last week:) Feel free to share these posts with your friends via Facebook or Twitter. Don’t keep all this present intel to yourself:)



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